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Though we’re certainly not 'fashionistas' – anyone can attest to that – we do know that there are really only a couple of places you’re likely to find the best fashion and clothing in Thailand, and one of them is on our lovely Island of Phuket!

There are a couple of places to shop if you want to find fashionable clothing in Phuket. If it were us – we’d head straight to Central Festival Mall in Phuket Town. There are just more fashion and clothing shops there than anywhere else, and you might as well start with the biggest place on the island, right?

If you know the name of the brand you’re looking for, you can search for it online and see where exactly the stores are located that might have something in stock that you like. Do keep in mind that very few Phuket clothing shops are well-represented online in Google, or other search engines, and that the products you’re looking for might exist in Phuket, even if you cannot find them searching the internet for a shop in Phuket that has what you want.

There is an outlet mall for clothing and other fashionable merchandise that you might want to try after Central Festival. The name of this place is the “Premium Outlet Phuket.” Reviews vary, from TripAdvisor UK giving it 2.5 stars, to another Phuket website boasting it deserves four out of five stars (4/5)! A review on TripAdvisor Philippines calls it the “Worst Outlet Mall Ever!” We doubt that’s true. They do have fashion clothing in Phuket, so you might as well have a look for yourself. Which rating does it deserve?

Here are just a few of the brands they carry at Premium Outlet Phuket: Nike, Adidas, French Kitty, XOXO, Pierre Cardin, Guy Laroche, Hush Puppy, Van Heusen, Levis, Lee, and dozens more.

On the other hand, if fashion is not your thing, you’ll fit right in on the beaches of Phuket where 95% of the people walking around don’t know the first thing about fashion (like us!) Wear what you want, and you’ll fit right in!

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