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Rainy days in Thailand are certainly nothing to get stressed out about, as you probably already know – there are more shopping malls in Phuket than you could possibly visit in one trip!

Makro was the first big store to combine food and other kitchen and office essentials into one store, and we have a few of them listed for you. Business owners prefer shopping here for essentials because they get a discount when buying in bulk. They also offer credits so you can get free items at checkout if you reach pre-established limits. Some of the Makro stores have an extensive alcohol selection including Mexican Corona and Beerlao beers!

Tesco and Big C shopping malls came before the mega malls like Central World, and they provided the first real opportunity for Thais and visitors to shop for everything they might need in one place, and in an air-conditioned building! We take these things for granted, but open-air markets and small stores without air conditioning were the norm in Thailand not long ago.

Both these shopping malls have a little bit of everything you could need to make your Phuket stay a pleasant one – clothes, food, beverages (including alcohol), fans, electronics, auto accessories and essentials, kitchen items, and just about anything you need can be found. There are sometimes a couple of international brands with stores in these malls – like Body Glove or Levis, but never many. You’ll need to go to Central World or some other major mall to find more international brands.

If you’re looking for absolutely everything in one place, and quality is an issue, you’ll want to head straight to Central World in Phuket Town. Starbucks Coffee, Swenson’s Ice Cream, jewelry stores and other specialty shops abound. There is also a Major Cineplex where you can watch motion pictures in English in the ultimate style – with couches or reclining chairs!

Have a look at our shopping malls in Phuket – you’ll likely find what you need!

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