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A good number of you probably have never considered it, but if you’re looking for another awesome Thailand experience, try a spa treatment in Phuket! I think some of us don’t like to pamper ourselves and spend money on just making ourselves feel better. We’ll eat at nice restaurants and spend money on clothes and other tangibles like electronics, cars, or boats, but few of us will spend money on a fleeting moment of time at a spa. Right?

Well, in Phuket you can absolutely knock yourself out and get a spa treatment every day if you choose to. You can choose from many different options. If you’re looking to pamper certain body parts, you might get a hand spa, face spa, foot spa, or general Thai massage spa. Massages of body parts can all be had at very reasonable prices – at a fraction of what you would pay in your home country. There are spas where you put your lower legs into an aquarium and let fish pick off the dead skin from your feet and legs. There are oil massages, which can get rather intimate, if that’s what you’re looking for!

If you’re looking for a more substantial and long-term spa treatment, that could have some positive effect on your health, you might choose a detox spa, anti-aging spa, chronic disease relief spa, weight management spa or stress relief and others. There are all sorts of spas to choose from on Phuket. Why not have a look through our listings and see if there is one that sounds like fun?

Please note that we haven’t tried every spa listed here, and that not every spa has properly trained staff. If you’re going for a spa that includes a medical treatment you will want to ensure they have the credentials necessary to treat you properly.

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