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Finding great international food in Thailand can be difficult in some places. Not in Phuket! One of the best deli shops in Phuket is located inside Villa Market. There are three convenient locations to choose from – one south, west, and east! Villa Market is the original international market and deli to serve Thailand’s visitors.

Villa Market has a rich variety of cheeses, cold cuts, and other foods – delicatessen style. Many Phuket restaurants shop for their basic ingredients here and some of the other deli shops in Phuket.

There is even a shop online option with 10,000 items available at their website! We’ll be trying that feature out today for sure!

Makro is a large bulk shopping store with locations all over Phuket and across Thailand. They have an extensive selection of breads, muffins, pies, cakes, and other bread items. Some bread products are made with wheat flour, and others with rice flour. Prices are very low and the quality is surprisingly good. Other deli shop items are located toward the back of the store where they have a good selection of German ham and sausages and other meats. Makro’s cheese selection is quite varied, with cheese from France, Belgium, Australia, and some Thai brands too. There is a grated Thai Parmesan cheese that is available in a clear plastic jar that is quite delicious and reasonably priced – wish I could remember the name, but there is only one selection available except the overpriced Kraft Parmesan.

You can pay a membership fee to get credit for purchases, this ends up saving you money over time. Or, you can just go through the checkout without a card by telling the cashier your card number is gaew gaew gaew (repeat 8 times). Gaew is the number nine in Thai. This is the default code anyone can use!

The larger stores have good food – but don’t miss the gems, the small delis like Bocconcino Italian delicatessen! This deli is located at Surin Beach. Specialties include: olive oil and balsamic vinegar, uncooked pasta made on-site, Italian cold cuts, cheese, wine, and Italian fruit juices.

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