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Only recently has Thailand started to stock natural beauty products and open entire stores devoted to them. The natural body products in Phuket may not be what you’re used to, in quality and variety, but it's getting there, and if you want to go have a look for something you need, just give it a shot and you might be surprised.

Lemongrass Hut is a store in Cherngtalay which is dedicated to selling natural body products in Phuket; they do have a fairly large selection of products. You can find bath crystals, bath oil, milk bath, shower gels and soap bars made with natural ingredients and essential oils. They serve these categories: mom’s, babies, children and even pets!

If you’re close to Bangtao, you might have a look at Herbal Stock. They also carry a range of herbal products.

Pier 42 Boutique Resort and Spa claims to only produce natural beauty products which are 100% natural and 100% ethical. They make products for skin, hair and body, and use only recyclable plastic or brown glass bottles. Their “Ocean Store” is located in Chalong Bay, Phuket.

Pier 42 also offers the Siam Organic Spa for an hour, or a whole-day affair. There are four treatment rooms with many types of spa therapy. Spa products used are all natural, and are excellent for relieving stress, stimulating circulation and replenishing natural energy. All products are 100% natura and devoid of mineral oil, chemical fragrance and color or sulfate.

So yes, natural body products are available in Phuket, and it won’t take too much effort to find them.

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