Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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One of Thailand’s problems (at least as far as we see it!) is there isn’t a good winery in Phuket, or anywhere in the country. Wine is imported and heavily taxed. So while wine lovers can probably find some wine they like – there’s a rather high price to pay for it. Ahh, the price of vacationing in paradise, right?

Here are a couple of the better winery type restaurants where you’ll find good wine on the menu. There are dozens of places with fine dining, but start with these and see if you can’t find something you like.

Wine Connection Deli & Bistro in Central Festival Shopping Mall in Phuket Town is an excellent spot to stop for a glass of wine and lunch, brunch or dinner – up to you. They have a large selection of wines, and when combined with the pleasing cuisine from the deli – it’s the only place to eat at Central Festival!

The Italian wine bar Luca Cini in Cherngtalay on Boat Avenue is a fine place for lunch and an excellent glass of wine. Their Italian pasta and 'bruschetta', along with other appetizers and main dishes are always good and you won’t be disappointed you made the special trip to get there. They have more than 120 wines to choose from and cheese to go with it. Luca Cini has excellent customer service and reviews are all positive.

Another great place to eat, which just happens to have more than 300 wines to choose from, is The Siam Supper Club Cherngtalay. This is a modern restaurant serving cocktails in a cozy lounge with jazz and other quiet music to accompany your meal. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, with air conditioning inside if the heat is particularly intolerable, as it sometimes is. Thai, seafood, and Italian dishes – and more – is on the menu. Everyone will find something they like. The food and service are good and the cost is more than your average eatery in Phuket.

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