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What is the chance of getting a good foot massage in Phuket these days? Virtually guaranteed!

Where we grew up, there was no such thing as foot massage. No, really. We had never even heard of it until sometime around the year 1999, a friend’s mom insisted she pay for us all to go to the ‘reflexologist’ in one time. we were horrified at the thought of someone touching our feet. Don't know why, but it just held absolutely no appeal at the time – at all! Long story, short, these seventy-year-old women rubbed, twisted, contorted, slapped, stretched, and prodded our feet for forty-five minutes, for the equivalent of 3,500 Thai Baht (a person). It took about a half-hour to even relax, and then when it finally happened (the relaxation bit) – true believers in the benefits of foot massage were born.

Does it help the feet all that much, physically? Does it do anything of real benefit? All we know is that it helps mentally, and it’s fantastic! It is super-relaxing and eases the stress and anxiety of the day, as it disappears into thin air. So, after reflection, it does bring some real benefit! Isn't it? 😉

At a Phuket foot massage shop you can have your feet massaged for eleven to twelve hours for the same price we paid for less than an hour! Phuket, and all over Thailand, is a massage-lover’s paradise!

Regular whole body ‘Thai massage’ is a bit rough, and for many people, it isn’t even an enjoyable experience. Thai foot massage is something else entirely. Touch is lighter, there is rubbing of different pressure points on the feet, and you’re reclining face up in a comfortable chair with air conditioning and a cold drink of water or soda in your hand. Usually some oil is involved, and if you’re not careful, you can find yourself passed-out in the chair in a matter of minutes!

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of a foot massage in Phuket – go now and treat yourself. It’s only a couple hundred THB and you won’t soon forget it. Probably you’ll become addicted to this simple pleasure of life in Thailand!

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