Phuket Town

Phuket Town, on Phuket Island
Phuket Town is the capital city of our glorious tropical island mecca. It’s located slightly southeast to the center of the island and is one of the oldest Phuket’s cities. The city played a pivotal role in the early days of export, as one of the main ports of distribution. It's also where many of the Chinese immigrants who sought work in the tin mines arrived during the eighteenth century.

Phuket Town - Old Town Situated on the west of the Malay-Peninsula, this thriving city gave way to many Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Malays, and Sea gypsies eager to work in the mining industry. Their influences can still be seen around the old city today!
Nowadays Phuket Town
You can still see the remnants of this 'once-thriving metropolis' in the architecture of the buildings in Old Phuket Town. The core of The City! During the tin mining era, the city was very prosperous, and as such grandiose buildings with European influence were constructed.

Today, the original buildings still exist, although renovated to fit the modern era. Many fronts are now home to exquisite cafes, restaurants, and shops. Two prominent styles emerged from the wealth of the mining industry: the Sino-Portuguese style and the Sino-colonial style.

Needless to say that today's mix of 'old-new' holds high excitement. The newer areas boast fine dining restaurants, museums, small cafes, low-key bars as well as discotheques. Yet, the old part of town maintains its simple sophistication with an endless number of alleyways, all leading somewhere exciting and mysterious. Besides, its nooks and crannies hide some of the best cafes, restaurants, and boho-boutiques!

One of the best features of Old Phuket Town is that of the Sunday night market, a small intimate market that runs along the main street (Thalang Road), and consists of small kiosks and stands selling food, beverage and hand made trinkets.