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Falling sick or injured while on holiday can be a terrifying experience, especially if you or your loved one are seriously ill. Luckily, Phuket has a wide range of health services that can accommodate all your medical needs. With everything from health clinics, hospitals and ambulances to dental clinics, mental health services and a plethora of pharmacies on every street corner you and your family will definitely find the right treatment for whatever ails you.

Well most travelers do buy insurance before they leave home; those who don't shouldn't worry. All the hospitals here have friendly English speaking staff that will present you with an estimate before care begins. For longer admissions to the hospital and surgeries a higher fee will be paid so it is a good idea to look into travel/health insurance before you leave on your holiday.

For minor cuts and bruises, stomach upsets and heat rashes we suggest popping into your local pharmacy. With most pharmacists speaking English and working closely with (or have ties to) the local hospitals they are trained to assess your symptoms and give their recommendations on treatment to help you feel better quicker.

As cosmetic surgery gains popularity many tourists are choosing to come to Phuket for its shorter wait times and better establishments; as the quality and the range of elective surgeries rise we find more and more travelers coming here specifically for dental, eye care, cosmetic and gender reassignment. With a fraction of the cost in their home countries and 5 star experience from start to finish, it's no wonder why Phuket has become one of the top cosmetic surgery destinations in the world.

While it's something people don't like to talk about, it and does happen quite often even here in the land of smiles, for those who are suffering from depression or other mental health issues there is help available for you here. Bangkok Hospital offers a range of psychiatrists and psychologists for you to talk to when you are feeling down and out. So if you start to feel like things are getting onto you a bit too much, please reach out to the mental health clinic at Bangkok Hospital.

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