Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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Some long-term expat residents of Thailand insist that you just don’t want to get hurt in Thailand because the healthcare is so poor. While it is going to be different from going to a hospital in your country, you can definitely find decent medical support at healthcare facilities in Phuket. Specifically, international hospitals in Phuket are some of the best in the country.

When visitors are seriously injured, the hospitals in neighboring provinces frequently transfer the victim to one of the hospitals in Phuket for top-level care. Recently a friend of ours crashed his motorbike and was transferred from Krabi Hospital to Bangkok Hospital in Phuket for more critical care. He is now back in England recovering from his severe head injury.

Good health insurance is crucial if you’re coming to Thailand for a visit. Hospital visits are expensive when you’re paying out of your pocket, and the hospital will not let you check out until you pay your bill, in most cases. Many tourists are injured on motorbikes, other vehicles and/or as pedestrians just getting around Phuket’s busy streets.

So, what to do when you need emergency medical treatment? First thing is to know where the best hospitals are in Phuket. Bangkok International Hospital is probably the best place you could go, as long as you can reach it quickly from wherever you are. For crucial life or death treatment, you should probably go to the closest large hospital to you and then transfer to one of the best hospitals soon after.

Which are the top international hospitals in Phuket? There are a couple good hospitals you can choose from – we recommend:
Bangkok Hospital – Phuket. Foreigners usually want to go there, although quite expensive if you have no insurance, as it is considered either the best or one of the best in Phuket. Emergency services (ambulance) phone: +66 7625 4425.
Siriroj International Hospital, also called “Phuket International Hospital.” Located just 3 km. west of Phuket Town. Emergency services (ambulance): 076.210.935.

* There are also a few government run hospitals in Phuket (a few of them are mentioned below) which will provide quite good care at a very reasonable price. *

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