Kalim in Phuket
Kalim is a small village along the Kalim beach in the southwest of Phuket, just north of Patong.

Some of the most exquisite dining venues in Phuket, such as Acqua and White Box, sit in the area. Acqua, especially, is highly rated for its cuisine (Italian and international), atmosphere, as well as its service and world-renowned chef. Worth a try!

The beach is not very good for swimming as there are too many stones. However, it is good enough for snorkeling and surfing in the low season, during high tide. Another activity also available in the area is Zorbing at Rollerball. Probably the funniest thing to do in Phuket!

There is also a small street food market with seven food stalls in the parking space along the beach where they sell noodle soup and other Thai/Muslim dishes.