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A story from a friend about beach toilets that may be interesting, since you’re searching the internet for it… Upon arrival in Phuket, for the first full day of fun he decided to do nothing more than head up to Surin Beach by motorbike and sit around looking at the waves and working on his tan. He was American, and hadn’t been to Thailand before. He was still ripe.

Blood curdling screams from the beach restroom brought a crowd as a half-naked woman ran out screaming into the sand. This was followed by a group of Thai men with sticks and machetes peeking cautiously into the toilet area. Sticks and machetes were swung, and soon a young Thai with a two meter long beaten and bloody monocled cobra came out of the restroom! The snake was behind her as she reached for the water squirter, and she ran out without even wiping!

Anyway, so, there are not very many beach toilets or even restrooms at the beaches in Phuket. It isn’t just an island problem, it’s this way all over Thailand! For some reason, and we don’t think anyone has ever figured out why – there are few beach toilets, restrooms, and showers. Kind of like there are few trash bins in the country. Really, there are just two big blue trash cans on our street and that is for dozens of homes. How does that make any sense? Welcome to Thailand!

So, be smart and do a little research online before you go to a particular beach – and find out – are there restrooms? Or, if you end up at a beach, have a look around first – where are the toilets? Where is a restaurant where you might go to use their restroom facilities? Ah, the things we do to stay in paradise – right?

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