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If you have fond memories of enjoying some time on an island, you probably remember a beach club or a bar where you spent some quality time in. Seems pretty universal among travelers to hit a Phuket beach club during their stay on the island. Have you done it yet?

There are some on Beach Road that can be fun to hang out in. Probably the most famous of all Phuket beach club must be the “Banana Discotheque and Phuket Bar”, located just south of Soi Bangla. This place has been around for decades, was renovated after the Boxing Day Tsunami in December of 2004, and is as popular as ever today. Take notice that this Phuket Beach club is not directly on the sand so, for some people, might not qualify as a beach club! 😉

Among other beach clubs you may want to visit are:

The Kudo Beach Club is just north of Soi Bangla on Beach Road and is right on the sand. It’s a great place to relax after a hot day in the sun or fighting traffic to shop in Phuket Town. They have a large swimming pool with a poolside bar. Sunsets can be incredible as they have an unobstructed view of the sun in the evening setting in the west.

The Nai Thon Beach Club is a German owned restaurant on the beach in Nai Thon. They have a variety of food, including excellent seafood caught locally. Cocktails are excellent and this is our recommendation for beach clubs in Nai Thon with great food and atmosphere.

Xana Beach Club in Chalong is a modern club set right on the beach with a long swimming pool for lap swimmers or pool drinkers! This is a large club with great speakers for music, a wide selection of food and beach chairs right on the sand at the beach. They have a nice swimming area near the sea right in front of the club. A must-see if you’re in the area.

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