Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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While some of you probably won’t even visit a pub in Phuket while you’re here, you are definitely in the minority! Others, like you, will be sitting in a pub with a beer in your hand, reading this and looking for more information on more pubs in Phuket! To each their own, right?

Pubs in Thailand are some of the coolest places to drink in the world. There are all kinds too. Want to drink while watching girls dance in short skirts on top of the bar? Can do. Want to see ladyboys do the same thing? You can do that too! Want to hear live music? There are some good bars with bands playing nightly. Want to eat your dinner at a pub in Phuket? There are some bars that can either make or bring in from a restaurant, some excellent food. Want to watch the latest football game? Muay Thai match?

Patong Beach caters to visitors of pubs and you couldn’t possibly not find at least a couple you’d enjoy having a beer at.

Where might you try to find a good pub in Phuket?

First off – Soi Bangla in Patong Beach, is the main drag with more bars and pubs than you can shake a bottle of beer Leo at. If you can’t find a pub you like in Patong Beach, you’re in the wrong country!

Half-way between Chalong and Kata is The Green Man Pub. It’s a real English pub, and also a restaurant, so go when you’re hungry.

Pepper’s Sports Bar in Cherngtalay will be showing whatever the biggest sports are for the night on wide-screen televisions. If you fall asleep in your stool, they’ll be serving you breakfast in the morning. In Cherngtalay are a few more pubs you might take a look at if you’re over that way. See if you can find a pub in Phuket that you feel at home in.

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