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You probably love Thai food – who doesn’t, right? At some point, if staying more than a week or so, you or someone in your clan will start craving something from home – or at least something more familiar to the palate. Yes, I’m talking about western food in Phuket - McDonald’s or KFC for god’s sake. Trash food! We all crave it, and you must take it for granted that at some point you’re going to go get yourself some!

Where to go for Western food in Phuket?

Any little mall – and there are a number of small malls in Patong Beach – will have some sort of Western food like McDonald’s or Burger King.

Pizza Company is a clone of Pizza Hut, they broke off from them years back and now it would be hard to tell the difference between them. In your home country, Pizza Hut will taste quite a bit different from the Pizza Company pizzas here though. The sauce is different, and the crust is most notably – completely different. At first you may not like it, but it takes some getting used to. These days it doesn’t make any difference to us, we eat it all!

If it’s snacks you crave, donuts and coffee shops with cake and muffins are commonly found, as are Swensen’s Ice Cream, and Haagen Dazs.

Phuket is absolutely filled with restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world. Especially represented are Italian and Indian restaurants, but there are also German, French, Dutch, Mexican, Spanish and many other western style venues to try out, if you never have allowed yourself the pleasure.

Oh, and here’s a surprise – Kenny Rogers’ Roasters in Cherngtalay! This US based restaurant opened a short time ago in Phuket. Previously in Southeast Asia, we’ve only seen this chain in Singapore and on Langkawi Island in Malaysia. It has some interesting meals – complete with corn bread and gravy! The chicken is soft and delicious, and it’s air conditioned and lots of seating in case you need a great place for a large group. Forty-five 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor! Try it tonight!

* Please see below a few suggestions on restaurants where you will find different western style dishes on offer. *

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