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Those who have visited Phuket before will surely tell you that the largest industry on this tiny island is the food industry! With food vendors peddling on every street corner and a diverse selection of cuisine exuding from the many restaurants packed onto the streets you won't have to look far to find that tantalizing new dish whether it be Italian, French or German Food.

While most people like to try new things and experience new tastes while on holiday there is something to be said for that little taste of home. With over 50 restaurants serving German Food or a fusion of Thai-German food those seeking that comfy classic that reminds you of your childhood days are in luck. For those looking for a more refined dining experience while still getting that taste of home there are several fine dining establishments that offer 5 star quality food with a Germanic influence.

We have a few of those restaurants mentioned below and we will make sure to add as many more venues as possible in the near future.

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