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Go go striptease in Phuket is one of the island’s greatest attraction. As the world becomes more ‘civilized’ and the go-go bars disappear in most places, Patong Beach keeps rocking you into the late hours with girls dancing on stage and on bars!

Go-go bars are like beer bars with the addition of a stage with stainless steel poles from floor to ceiling where half-naked girls will dance for your entertainment. Entry is usually free, as long as you buy a drink. Buying drinks or giving tips to dancers is not required, but if you’re going to avoid doing so, you’ll miss the whole point of the go go striptease experience! Buy a girl a drink and see if you can converse to her beyond her name and how long she’s been dancing… ask her where she grew up. Ask her if she has boyfriends at home sending her thousands of baht to stay out of the bars. Ask her anything!

There’s nothing quite like a guy’s trip to Patong Beach’s Soi Bangla for a couple of nights to reconnect with your caveman instincts. Probably you all understand what we're getting at here… Lets leave it at that!

Years back, there were more venues offering girls and ladyboys dancing topless and in various stages of nakedness. Lately, it hasn’t completely gone away but there are just a few ‘select’ establishments where you can plop your butt down on a seat and drink yourself into oblivion while watching young ladies (18+) gyrate crazily to 1990’s hip-hop tunes and crazy upbeat mixes. In their underwear, topless or in some cases – if the mood is right – completely naked.

If you’re keen on trying this out for a night and seeing what you can get up to, why don’t you start with a classic go go striptease in “Suzy Wong’s” on Soi Seadragon? The bar is owned by “Jeffrey” from Malaysia, who also owns five other bars, including other go-go bars, on the same soi. His bars are managed well and always have some of the top go-go talents in Phuket. He’s fair and a good bloke to get to know as he has been there for over a decade.

* As you can see we have only one location, although not really a specific one, on this page at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that we will list more specific one(s) as soon as we have done our research. * 😉

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