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Because Phuket has thousands of expats from all over the world calling the island ‘home’ – there are plenty of great French food restaurants in Phuket, and probably one within twenty minutes or less of wherever you are staying. Have a look at some of our restaurant entries and read a couple of our short reviews here. Maybe you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for before even reaching the next page!

What you’ll find in the way of French food in Phuket is that restaurants are cautious about focusing entirely on one style of food. French restaurants may include Italian or other International options, and they’ll almost always serve Thai food at the same time. It just makes good sense because people are so different these days, it’s impossible to please everyone with one cuisine. Hasn’t that been your experience?

For our French restaurants in Phuket, let’s start with Wine Connection Deli & Bistro (French delicatessen) located in Central Festival Mall in Phuket Town, just northeast of Patong Beach. Located on the ground floor, we’ve had the occasion to have a drink and some meals here now and again over the years, and generally have good experiences consistently. There is a very large variety of wine, and it is kept chilled – unlike some of the other Wine Connection Bistros on the island. Definitely recommended while you’re in the area!

Black Cat Bar-Restaurant in Cherngtalay, Phuket serves Thai, French, and International cuisine and is known for good tasting food at very reasonable prices. There is a takeout menu you can download from their website, and delivery is reasonable!

And, though not entirely French, they do have some excellent French dishes, we cannot stop mentioning the fantastic cuisine found at Acqua Restaurant Kalim in Kalim, a creation of culinary master, Alessandro Frau. Literally anything you order is going to be as good as you can possibly get it in Phuket! Our highest recommendation for French food in Phuket!

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