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If you are looking for cultural trips in Phuket, there are indeed a few places you can go, when you arrive, to get a taste of the local culture. There are a couple of museums you might find interesting in Phuket.

The Philatelic Museum is one of them. This particular museum is good for a ten-minute walk-through as you can have a look at old stamps, phones and other type of machines from years gone by.

Years ago many Chinese laborers came to work in the tin mining industry in Phuket. There is a museum, the Phuket Mining Museum, that shows the process of tin mining and some photos of what this part of Phuket looked like years before. Tin was a major export of Thailand at one time. The museum gets good reviews but is a very laid-back museum with no guided tour. There are many informational placards to read about the mining industry. Some people will enjoy it. This museum is located quite far from Patong Beach in Kathu.

If you’re still not sated, you can take a tuk-tuk or taxi over to “Old Phuket Town,” the historical area of Ampur Muang Phuket. This covers an area of a few blocks in the center of the city around Thalang Road. Besides Thais, there were many foreign migrants coming to Phuket from China at this busy port location. Some stayed and raised families for generations. Buildings in the area have some unique characteristic influenced by Portugal and Holland along with Chinese architectural designs. Locals realized their cultural value and decided to renovate some of the buildings to create a historical district in Phuket Town. There are coffee shops, hotels, other stores and restaurants as well as small museums which provides this part of town with the opportunity of cultural trips.

The cultural trips and attractions mentioned on this page probably are not going to be all that exciting for children. If you’re keen on visiting but you have kids, you might promise them ice-cream or a couple hours at the beach or hotel pool to encourage them to behave as you walk around and enjoy some of the historic culture of Thailand!

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