Bang Pae

Bang Pae, on the border of the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park in Pak Lok district, Thalang, is located in the northeast of Phuket.

While there are no beaches in the area, there is still plenty to do!

Nestled in the jungle of the national park is Phuket's largest waterfall, Bang Pae Waterfall. And, only 5km away, is the smaller Ton Sai Waterfall which you can reach by foot along the nature trail. Also located in the National park is The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP).

If you don't feel like doing the hike, you could also visit the Elephant Trekking Safari. There you can explore the jungles while getting friendly with a gentle giant.

There are also many great places to eat, such as the Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant. Sitting right on the edge of the mangrove, it not only offers fresh seafood but a welcoming, friendly atmosphere too.