Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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Trying to come up with the best plan for sightseeing in Phuket is difficult under the best circumstances! Even with a nice long stretch of time - six-weeks of vacation or so – there are so many things to do, you can miss something. Yes, Phuket is that amazing!

How about this for an idea, if you have the time – say a couple of weeks - break up the big attractions by separating them with small ones. On your first day, do something amazing and maybe expensive, like a day on a catamaran! Next day, relax at one of the dozen+ beaches on Phuket. The next day, plan a trip over to Promthep Cape and top it off with an expensive lunch. Continue like this, and maybe your time will be well-spent – what do you think?

Adventurous travelers will find so much to do. There is beach volleyball, tennis, snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, free diving, kitesurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, wakeboarding, and surfing man-made waves or ocean waves if they happen to be breaking! We could list an entire page of things to do for those of you that need to do something physically exhausting and exciting to have a great vacation. If you get a color map of Phuket, most of them are absolutely filled with things to do like sightseeing and adventure. Create a bucket-list and start ticking them off!

There are islands to see – which you really cannot miss while you’re here. Koh Phi Phi and the Similan Islands are incredibly beautiful – in the top ten spots in the world as far as natural beauty.

Oh yeah, and if you’re coming with a drone to take mind-blowing video – you will need to stay ten days, maybe twenty days at least. There is so much awesome sightseeing in Phuket for aerial videography, you’ll hate yourself if you don’t stay at least that long!

Then, there’s the waterfalls and so many cool beaches that you’ll forget where you’ve been and where you haven’t been if you’re not marking them on your map. One beach you have to promise yourself to visit is Paradise Beach: it’s south of Patong Beach and used to be difficult to find, but it isn’t so secluded any longer – just stunningly gorgeous. As you arrive, enjoy the view, then to really blow your mind, walk up over the hill and see THAT beach! Thank us later!

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