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If you’re a wine and spirits lover in Phuket on vacation – you may have heard the rumors… Wine is expensive in Thailand! And yes, it is a bit higher than other places because it’s all imported, but Thailand imports wine in such huge numbers that the price falls back in line with other alcohol such as imported beers and other spirits.

Where can you go for wine and spirits in Phuket?

If you just want something cheap, not that you cannot find good wine and spirits in the following places, you definitely can – there are top brands in the world on sale here – just go to Makro or Tesco Lotus to buy your wine and other alcohol. The wine selection is pretty outrageous (in a good way), and you can find Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangria, White Zinfandel, and probably at least a couple of different brands of whatever type of wine you are looking for. I think we’ve seen wine from the USA, Chile, and Australia at Makro, and I’m sure there must be another few countries represented. We’re not big wine drinkers!

Bottles of wine start around three-hundred Thai baht, and go up from there. I don’t remember seeing any Dom Perignon Champagne available at Tesco or Makro, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find it at specialty wine stores on the island.

Wine Connection Deli and Bistro at Central Festival Phuket Mall has received good reviews on both the wine and the food availability. They have fresh-baked bread, and rib-eye steaks! Might as well have amazing food with your wine, if you’re looking for a good time – right? They have a couple of locations around the island – probably one not too far from where you are right now!

There are many wine bistros in Phuket, a quick search of a rating service showed dozens of restaurants with “wine” in their listing. One place we’ve found some excellent wine consistently is at high-end Italian restaurants in Phuket. Some owners import directly from Italy and other locations.

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