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Phuket, Thailand

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Beaches in Phuket
It is no surprise that Phuket is best known for its beaches! Thousands of tourists visit the island every year for the chance to soak up the rays in some of the most beautiful and tranquil surrounding Thailand has to offer. With over 50 tropical sandy locations to choose from, it's no wonder Phuket Beaches are some of the top-rated in the world. With several different types of beaches, one for every taste, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect one for you.

Popular Beaches
Many seem to prefer the hustle and bustle of the most popular beaches such as Patong, Kata, and Karon. There, they find large white sandy strips with on-duty lifeguards, a variety of water sports, and peddlers walking up and down with sunglasses, beach mats, and refreshments. The large crowds and proximity to the cities they are named after give a certain sense of security for first-time tourists and those with families.

Phuket Beaches - Beaches in Phuket
Peaceful Beaches
Then you have the seasoned visitors, who had their fill of the loud and overcrowded beaches, seeking a quieter, more peaceful day by the sea. Those are the ones finding comfort and solace in the more secluded beaches such as Layan, Nai Thon, and Laem. There, they find a much smaller crowd, and a lack of loud engine roars from passing jet skiers and motorboats.

More Exclusive Beaches
There is also that small crowd of visitors that seek something a little more exclusive. Somewhere off the beaten track but still thriving, where they can relax and soak up the sun without the crowds of screeching children (big or small). Freedom Beach and Paradise Beach offer precisely that, hip secluded beaches free of loud engine hums (as jet skiing and other motorboats are prohibited) and the height of relaxation. Although, as everything that is considered exclusive does, there is a small entrance fee for these beaches.

Other Purpose Beaches
Lastly, there are a few strips of soft white sand and glistening tropical waters that aren't real beaches. Places where swimming is not great, but snorkeling, kite surfing, or just sitting around on giant granite boulders might be. Beaches like Ao Yon, and Kalim where you can explore the tidal pools, and enjoy breathtaking Andaman Sea sunsets. Also, as a bonus, you can watch the local vendors set up their shops for one of the most unusual dining experiences on the island.

What are you looking for on a beach? Getting lost in the crowd, tan on a secluded beach, or sit and watch the sun go down? Indeed, the beaches in Phuket have everything you might desire. It's just a matter of choosing which one is right for you!

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