Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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You may not think of Phuket as being a great place for shore fishing as there are few fish in-shore, and you probably aren’t going to be bringing your rods and reels. However, there is some very good fishing in deeper water around Phuket.

Tours are easily available daily, and you’ll just need to choose one of the boats. Big game fish excursions is a major business out of harbors on Phuket Island, and there are many private charters offering day trips, overnight or multi-day packages. How much fishing can you handle?

What kind of fish can you hope to catch on a deep-sea charter boat adventure? The fishing varies depending on the month. This month (July) for instance, you'd have the chance to catch the following: Barracuda, Dolphin (mahi-mahi), King Mackerel, Sailfish, Giant Trevally, Skipjack Tuna, Yellow Fin, Black Fin, Wahoo and Marlin! Nice selection, right? Makes you want to get out there on a boat! Off-shore fishing trips include all the gear, food and safety equipment during your time on the water. Before you begin, you might ask the captain if it’s possible to stay out on the water overnight if the catching is excellent. For some, this is a possibility.

An off-shore excursion can be expensive, but if you really love the experience of catching big fish on the open ocean, it’s going to be worth it for you. Costs run around $1,000 USD for a day out with a maximum of 6 fishermen (women) on-board. A little bit more than $150 per person, or 6,000 THB.

One type of excursion you may not have considered because you didn’t know it existed, is big game fishing from a lake. A a short drive north from Phuket in Phang Nga, there is a great place called “Exotic Fishing Thailand” which has an incredibly diverse range of fish in their private lake. They also happen to offer a world class cuisine.

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