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Jewelry is probably one of the biggest selling product in Phuket Thailand as there is just so much choice and the variety can be overwhelming. You can’t walk down any street in Phuket and not come across some kind of jewelry & watches store. In Phuket you will find a lot of small shops that sell only watches or jewelry, but what you’ll usually find is a mix of items being sold at the same store. Like restaurants which serve different variety of cuisines, it pays to stock a lot of different types of watches, jewelry, makeup and tourist souvenirs in shops where tourists aren’t really sure what they want to buy. The only thing they seem to know is that they have money to spend for souvenirs such as watches or local jewelry!

Ah, the Rolex watches. Of course, they are as fake as ever but they look more and more like they are real. Maybe they make parts of the watches with lead to make them heavy and the fascia are all quite sharp and shiny for a while; until it all fades and you have an ugly Rolex copy that isn’t worth the 2,000 Thai Baht you paid for it. But at that price, you probably knew that this would happen anyway!

Is there really any chance at all of getting real diamonds or even good cubic zirconias for a hundred Thai baht? No, there is no chance of it, and there never was! Whenever you buy jewelry in Phuket be aware that there are no amazing deals. When that tuk-tuk driver offers to take you to a ‘special jewelry sale’, be very aware that there is no bargains. They crank up the prices to astronomical heights, then ‘discount’ it by eighty-percent or something ludicrous, trying to make you feel like you got a great deal. You’re smarter than that!

Buy some jewelry & watches in Phuket if you can’t resist, but don’t spend to much as you never really know the quality of the product you’re getting, although the sellers do know they’re making good money from you. Of that you can be sure!

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