Tha Rua

Tha Rua in Phuket
Tha Rua is a small village, and home to a sumptuous Taoist Shrine, near the Heroines Monument in Thalang, Phuket. As you make your way down highway 402 from the airport, the village sits right after you pass the monument. You'll know you're there as it's almost impossible to miss the majestic Tha Rua Shrine, standing proudly on the left!

You might want to remember it and come back to visit this unique shrine during your stay on the island. The Tha Rua Shrine is the fourth oldest shrine in Phuket and certainly worth a stroll around its compound. It used to be just a little tiny shrine. However, they relocated it in 2002 on a much bigger piece of land near its old site. Nowadays, it stands as one of the largest and brightest shrines in Phuket.

While in the area, you might also want to pay a visit to the Royal Gems Pavilion. Located right across from the Heroines Monument, it is one of the leading retailers of precious gemstones and high-end souvenirs in all of Southeast Asia. What a proper way to remember your time on the island, it would be!