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Buying furniture in Phuket for your home, restaurant, or other business won’t be a chore, as there are plenty of large and small stores in Phuket Town.

If you need something really simple, there are small mom and pop type stores to be found near the town center. At these small shops, you’d be able to quickly find shelves, chairs, dining room tables as well as other tables: generally cheap items which are not going to last forever but are cheap. Particle board is ubiquitous in Thailand, but we'd like to warn you that purchasing this type of wood fiber furniture is not ideal as it swells and distorts as soon as it gets wet or even just in contact with humid air. Thus making it probable that it will get ruined within a year or two, three at best. Not worth it!

Though in your home country, the idea of using plastic furniture for anything may have you cringe – in Thailand it can make sense. Plastic does not get affected by humidity at all, although you'll have to make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight if you’re concerned about the color fading. In fact, there is a store specializing in plastic furniture called “Plastart” on Boat Avenue in Cherngtalay. It isn’t so much the fact that it is cheap plastic furniture but that it is functional. The weather here can destroy furniture quickly, so if you can get away with using plastic, you might consider it!

Outdoor Lifestyle is yet another Cherngtalay store in Phuket which focuses on, what else? Right, outdoor furniture for your home or business, as well as beach furniture for those of you lucky enough to have a place on the beach!

If you’re looking for a quick fix – a one-stop-shop that probably has something you’ll like – stop at Index Living Mall in Wichit district. Index is a chain of Phuket furniture stores with some high-end brands of better quality than you will find in Tesco, Makro, Big C, or the small shops mentioned above. The Index in Phuket is very large and you can spend a couple hours browsing around for the right stuff. Some people do enjoy that, you know!

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