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Yoga is a slow and deliberate method of stretching and holding stances and postures designed to promote muscle strength, flexibility, good posture, stress reduction, and positive outlook on life. Practicing it in the morning as you wake up is an ideal way to begin every day of your vacation!

Some of the more incredible classes in Phuket are held in open-air settings, on or near the beach. Most of the high-end resorts have yoga sessions available, and all will know where to refer you if you’d like to take a class or two while you’re vacationing in Phuket. Or maybe you’re interested in a retreat for a couple days or more? This involves staying at a resort which has an intensive yoga program, usually combined with healthy food and drink.

Yoga Republic is a studio located close to our Phuket Luxury Villas. Classes are around 400 Thai baht for just a few sessions; they also offer a big discount if you know you’ll be doing 100 classes with them – the price drops to just 260 THB per class when pre-paid.

If you’re interested in becoming an instructor, you can find an assortment of 22 to 28 days training courses to help you learn all you need to become certified in one of the different disciplines. Price for general basic training is around 100,000 THB for one of these long courses.

In addition to classes, many yoga facilities have items you can buy to make your practice more comfortable – pants, shirts, mats, meditation cushions, eye-pillows and books.

Yoga is a very popular activity in Phuket, and you will likely meet people who share your interests. Yoga practitioners also tend to be involved in meditation and mindfulness retreats and classes, so you might consider those activities for another 'thing to do' in Phuket while you’re here! * As you can see we have only one location on this page at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that we will list more as soon as we have done our research on availability and quality. *

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