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There are dozens of meditation centers and classes in Phuket, the real trick will be choosing the one that is appropriate for your needs. Meditation centers in Phuket are easily found, as there are classes all over the island, and a class can usually be found in conjunction with places having yoga or mindfulness lessons.

Meditation is as simple as focusing on some object while sitting or walking. This leads to a calming down of the mind, and less thoughts. Eventually this can lead to profound insights about the self and living life. There is a huge meditation movement going on across the globe right now.

Most people choose breath as their meditating object, but others choose the cycle of breathing, or sun-gazing, or other objects. Meditation in the Buddhist style is called Anapanasati. This is the practice of meditating on the breath as the object of focus, as explained by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) a couple of millennia ago. Some temples in Thailand have adapted their traditional Thai language courses to encompass instruction in English as well.

Private meditation retreats have been coming to Phuket over the years and there are now many to choose from. Most meditation in Phuket retreats are for seven or ten days. Be careful to study the details of the program you choose because some of them are silent – meaning you cannot talk except during certain brief times during the day, usually a question-answer session with the instructor. Some people thrive in this environment, and others won’t enjoy it as much.

Another option to established programs, but it may not be for everyone, is that you may be able to benefit from going to one of the major temples in Phuket and find a monk who speaks English. Explain your experience level and ask for direct guidance and activities you can do to get better in your practice.

Choose one of the locations below to start your Phuket meditation experience today!

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