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Like hair salons, you can find a cosmetic salon in Phuket close-by to your location. Cosmetic salons or boutiques, as some are called, are virtually identical to hair salons, and the difference is only in the wording. Thais are trying to capitalize on the differences in how foreigners refer to one or the other. That’s good for business!

All over the beach areas such as Kamala, Surin, Karon and Kata as well as in Phuket Town, you can find cosmetic salons with a wide range of services.

Some of the common services of cosmetic salons are: makeup and beauty products; facials, manicures and pedicures; Thai massage, oil massage and foot massage; waxing (Brazilian, bikini, body); and even haircuts. Most businesses, focusing in all the above, choose to call themselves something with ‘hair’ in it, so you know you can get a haircut there – because haircuts and styling are good money-makers, but some cosmetic salons in Phuket also do hair.

If you’re looking for the widest selection of world-class makeup and other beauty products, you don’t need to go any further than the closest Robinson's store in town. Each Robinson’s has a massive beauty-care products section that takes up much of the entire floor in their multi-floor stores at the malls. Phuket has a Robinson Department Store at 36 Tilokutis 1 Road, in Phuket Town as well as another location in the Jungceylon Shopping Complex in Patong Beach.

Robinson is one place where you can get just about any products you need at very reasonable prices because they have many other products to sell and don’t rely only on their markup of makeup. There are also many small cosmetic salons and stores in Phuket, where you can buy specialty makeup and beauty products. Ceres Natural Beauty Products in Surin is a specialty cosmetic salon in Phuket. They stock organic products – made naturally from nature’s finest ingredients.

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