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If you’re staying for more than a couple of days in Phuket, you’re going to need some laundry service sometime. Thai noodles, like pad Thai and curries like Penang gai (curried chicken) make a mess of holiday clothes, and you’re going to want to get the stains out as soon as possible!

If you’re staying with us at our Phuket Luxury Villas, we can recommend a few places close-by for you to get your clothes washed. If not, you can always take a walk down the street in Phuket Town, Patong Beach or nearly anywhere on the island and find many different laundry options.

Your charge for laundry service in Phuket can be by the piece or by the kilogram - usually kilogram. There is often the option to have your clothes dried in a clothes dryer, or hung on a clothes line. If the weather is hot and sunny, hanging on a clothes line is a good (and cheaper) option. However, if it is raining constantly, you should be ready to spend a little more and have your clothes machine-dried because it is sometimes impossible for laundry staff to dry clothes on rainy days, and the work backs up. If getting you clothes promptly is a priority, spend a little more on the dryers.

Whenever you drop your clothes at a laundry in Phuket, be sure to jot down the hours of operation. We have friends who have lost entire loads of clothes because the laundry wasn’t open and they couldn’t miss their plane!

Oh, and one more thing we would like to mention, although you might find the following a bit odd: at some laundry facilities in Phuket, and the rest of Thailand, they may have restrictions on cleaning underwear and may just refuse to accept them; so we recommend that you bring an abundant and clean assortment of undies on your vacation to Thailand along with a plastic bag, or be prepared to wash them yourself!

* Be aware that more and more coin laundry machines can be found on the island nowadays. *

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