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Mexican food in Phuket is a bit like Russian food and Swiss food. Very few restaurants will specialize in making just Mexican, probably because they don’t believe they could make a business work just based on serving Mexican cuisine. Probably smart, because maybe they couldn’t! While Americans love it, there probably aren’t too many Swiss, Russian or Germans craving for some Mexican on a regular basis.

But, if you are, you can find some decent food at restaurants serving a variety of ethnic dishes.

What is good Mexican food that you might start with if you don’t even know what to order?
- Quesadillas! These are tortillas filled with cheese and grilled. There are always vegetable toppings to add some variety. It’s sort of like Mexican pizza.
- Nachos with cheese or salsa. The quintessential Mexican appetizer to drink with your Mexican Corona beer is Nachos with salsa. Real Mexican nacho corn chips are very thin and almost tasteless. They are made of corn meal and they usually come with a variety of salsa types – which can vary by spiciness.
- Tacos! Traditional beef tacos are more Mexican than anything, but you can usually find chicken and pork as a minimum, and even fish, squid, or vegetarian tacos are fairly common. Try something different for a treat!

Where to eat Mexican food in Phuket?
- Two Chefs Restaurant in Patong Beach serves Mexican spring rolls. These are made-up of fresh ground pork, chili, and cilantro and served with tomato salsa and a lump of sour cream.
- Two Chefs in Kata Beach is another branch and they also have some Mexican dishes.

Also getting good reviews for their Mexican food in Phuket were the following restaurants:
- Cariocas Bistro & Lounge - in Talat Yai.
- Mamasita Mexican in Cherngtalay.
- Sala Mexicali in Rawai.
- Mexican Plus in Nai Harn.

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