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We ran this one by friends, and they’d never tasted Swedish food before. We had it once as some Swedish guests at the resort made us a few things to share their culture with us. It was delicious! Of course you’ve all already heard of Swedish meatballs – and yet, that isn’t the good Scandinavian food to be had. Give one of our Swedish restaurants a try and see if you don’t find something new you really enjoy!

There are a few places in Phuket to grab yourself some Swedish food. Karlsson’s Restaurant and Steakhouse in Karon is probably your best bet. They have a full menu of Scandinavian cuisine, along with pizza, pasta, and of course the food Sweden is known best for - Swedish meatballs, and grilled steaks – including Australian rib-eye. This is a moderately priced restaurant with a very modern and inviting interior dining area. There is also the Karlsson’s Restaurant located right in the center of Patong, about eight meters from the beach and is easy to find. Go find it!

The Bistro is another popular Swedish restaurant in Phuket that you’ll surely enjoy. There is a wide-selection of items, including Swedish lamb racks, beef Rydberg (beef and potatoes), and other international foods like garlic bread, bruschetta, lasagna, pizza, and spaghetti, as well as some Thai favorites like som tam, pad Thai, and pad cee ew (our favorite, with shrimp!). Located at Bangtao Beach in West Phuket.

A couple other Swedish restaurants you can try are:
Harry’s Karon Steakhouse and Restaurant – 200 meters from Karon Beach
Harry’s Patong Steakhouse and Hotel – yes, same owner as above
Sugar Inn Phuket – in Kata Beach
Two Chefs Restaurant - in Kata Beach and Patong Beach

What we found in all of these Scandinavian food restaurants is that everyone is offering foods from other areas as well – mostly pastas and pizza, and of course great Thai food!

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