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European food – something delicious from the countries of Europe – is what all of us are craving after some days or weeks straight of Thai food. It’s just in our blood, isn’t it? Know what the good news is? You can find European food in Phuket within walking distance of most hotels and resorts you could stay at. It is even likely that the accommodation you’re staying in has pizza, sandwiches or even hamburgers and french fries. If the hotel you’re in has a large percentage of foreign visitors and they have an on-site restaurant, they’ll definitely have something from the western world on the menu for you!

The selection of good Italian restaurants with great pizza and pasta in Phuket is rather mind-blowing. There are some great choices you can find on our Italian food in Phuket page, and finding a good one close to your location is never more difficult than asking some long-term expat familiar with the area of Phuket where you’re staying. If you like authentic Italian food, you’re going to love your stay in Phuket because you couldn’t possibly eat at all the good restaurants we have here.

Some restaurants you may want to try for European food in Phuket are:
- Blue Lagoon – European and Thai food in Surin Beach.
- Little Paris – meals originating from Italy, France and other European countries and located on Boat Avenue in Cherngtalay.
- Sirinya – good Swiss and Thai food on the menu and located in Cherngtalay.
- The 9th Floor Restaurant – in Patong Beach, on the 9th floor of the Sky Inn Condotel building – one of the highest restaurants in Phuket. It has a great atmosphere, a good selection of wine and they serve Alpine, Mediterranean and Thai dishes. Great food and service! Highly recommended for European food in Phuket.

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