Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket Markets
Whether searching for the perfect "replica" handbag and brand name clothes or looking to try some unique cuisine and absorb a bit of the Thai culture, Phuket markets or "talaads" (as they are locally known) have it all. Opening in the evening when the heat of the sun has dissipated, most offer an array of street performances, neon lights, and popular music giving them a sort of carnival feel.

Phuket Markets - Naka Market There are two types of markets in Phuket:
  • The fresh/wet markets, open 7-days a week, always in the same location, and at the same time. These "talaads" offer a great selection of fresh and dried food, prepared snacks, cheap clothing, and handicrafts
  • The weekend markets (talaad nat) that are similar to what most western countries call farmers markets. They operate only on the weekends and offer a selection of newly picked fruits and vegetables. As they are only open two days a week, this often means the produce is fresher than most grocery stores.
Probably the most famous of them all is the Naka Market also known as the weekend night market. This market is by far the largest and most intriguing. You'll find everything from tourist souvenirs, replica goods, second-hand shoes & clothes, jewelry, perfume, prepared food, to even live animals! The market takes up a full city block and is split into sections to make shopping easier. It is a hugely popular shopping destination for tourists. The market has an area with caravan style bars where you can enjoy a cold drink and a children's playground where you can drop the family off while you shop.

* See below for more information on more markets around the Island.

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