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A night market is one of the main attractions for any destination you end up in Thailand. In Phuket, these markets are scattered around the island, but there is always one close by. Unlike some of the day markets on Phuket Island, night markets are usually stable and you can find them in the same place year after year. We have links to seven of the best night markets on Phuket Island below. Why not choose one that appeals to you and explore it on an evening you would have sat around reading a book instead?

Each night market in Phuket varies a bit, like they do all over Thailand. It may be strictly a night time food market with lots of fried snacks, desserts, fresh-picked fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, and wonders from the sea. If you have never seen the abundance of variety of Thailand fruit – a trip to the night market is in order during your stay. At other evening markets, they may also add stands with clothes, shoes, leather goods, handcrafted goods, clocks and watches, electronics items, or even rabbits, dogs, cats, fish, squirrels and turtles!

For the adventurous (or foolhardy!) there is often the chance to taste exotic snacks. You may have seen videos on YouTube of Phuket visitors eating fried insects and other beasts at the night market, and wondered how you could do the same. Well, you certainly can! As we’ve visited markets in the past, we’ve found ant eggs, crickets, grasshoppers, tarantula spiders, scorpions, hooded cobras inside whiskey bottles, silkworms, and big fat juicy palm grubs!

Of course, there is usually something for the kids too – balloons, games, and huge inflated slides which small children can play on while the parents shop can all be commonly seen in the bigger markets.

Shopping time usually begins around 5-6pm and go to at least 9pm. Some markets start early, and some run late. At the night market, you can be sure to find an assortment of food you have never thought possible, and all at reasonable prices.

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