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Weekends are quite similar to weekdays, while on vacation in Phuket – aren’t they? You’ve basically got a few choices: 1. Do something adventurous; 2. Eat somewhere amazing; 3. Lay on the beach; or 4. Go shopping! We know most of you would opt for the shopping alternative and try will to find a nice weekend market to spend a few hours roaming around

There are so many options for shopping in Phuket Town and Patong Beach – in fact all over the island – that you might not know what to do first. You’ll probably hit the small shops along the beach first. Then you’ll visit the mega mall like Central Festival in Phuket Town. Then, as a last resort, you’ll wonder what Thais are shopping for in their little weekend markets in Phuket. You might be surprised to find out they aren’t little markets any more. Phuket has grown up!

Weekend markets are a conglomeration of fruits and vegetables, fried snacks, grilled chicken and fish and other lunch items, shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, socks, shoes, and toys for the kids. Some markets sell frogs for eating, and some have an assortment of fried bugs, worms, spiders, and scorpions to chow down on if you’re feeling really adventurous. There are sometimes pets like birds, rabbits, puppies and kittens for sale. Thais have bird singing contests where they place bets to win money, so songbirds are a commodity here on the island.

There may be electronics items – phones, tablet computers, printers, flashlights (torches), stun guns, and other small items. Depending on the size of the particular weekend market, and depending whether it runs for days at a time – there could be very large furniture items made from whole pieces of wood.

There are sometimes kids’ shows where they do ballet or other dances, sing, or do plays. Local dance schools take this opportunity to showcase the skills of the kids. If you are bringing kids, take a walk around and see if you can find one of the massive inflatable slides that children love so much!

If coming, you’re advised to go early – around 4.30 or 5 pm. as the weekend markets get insanely crowded around 6 pm. and later as some Thais look at it as a night out with the family. Traffic can be nuts!

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