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Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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You know how sometimes it can be helpful to stop into an official tourist information center, soon after you arrive at the destination you’re visiting, and get some crucial information about it? There are quite a few tourism offices in Phuket where you can stop in and get some information about tours and things to do. If the people in the office – usually students from university in their school uniforms – try to sell you something, they are operating in an unofficial tour agency and are not sanctioned by the government of Phuket.

You’re definitely going to need a map, so that’s one reason to stop in, but any place you stay in Phuket will have color maps of all the attractions you can visit during your stay.

If you have any special circumstances when you need to find some specific information, you should stop in at the official tourist information center in Phuket, staffed by the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT), and ask your questions. Maybe you need to know which hotels have wheelchair access and elevators, so you don’t waste your time driving all over the city looking for one. Maybe you have a child with asthma or one who is allergic to bee stings and you want to know where is the best hospital to go to in case of an emergency. These are all things the students will be glad to help you with; and, if they don’t know, they can contact someone who can help in your behalf.

There are many other tourist info centers where you can stop and ask questions, but keep in mind that they are private businesses and have an incentive to sell you something. They will also have maps and know all about the tours and major attractions; and, if you choose a nice one, they’ll be instrumental in helping you plan your vacation!

The official TAT office is located here:
73-75 Phuket Road, Phuket Town.
Phone: (66) 76-211-036 internationally, or 076-212-213 within Thailand.

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