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Probably the easiest way to get around is with a motorbike rental in Phuket. Over the last couple of years, the options for motorbike rental have increased dramatically. Typically, tourists rent automatic scooter or moped type motorbikes because they are the easiest to handle. As a beginner or rider with moderate skill, you don’t want to get a manually shifting motorbike because it makes driving more complicated. Get a Honda or Yamaha automatic motorbike so you can focus on traffic around you. The brake and gas are all on the handlebars, just like with a bicycle – easy and safer like this because you’re already used to it. If you can’t ride a bicycle well, don’t rent a motorbike.

Motorbike rental options in Phuket range from typical 115cc to 125cc scooters all the way up to ‘pocket rockets’ like Kawasaki 250cc up to big road-hog 1,200cc Harley Davidson cross country bikes for expert-level riders.

One question people often have while considering renting motorbikes in Phuket is – what kind of license is required? Good question, but one not easily answered as you can usually rent a bike without any motorbike license from your home country at all. You probably won’t even need to show an automobile license! Showing your original passport, and handing them a copy they can keep is usually all that is required. For expensive motorbikes the rental company may ask for a deposit on your credit card, or a cash deposit to cover damages in case you drop the bike. This is normal in Phuket and shouldn’t be any cause for concern.

Motorbike rental in Phuket can be had for reasonable cost compared to elsewhere in the world, and includes basic insurance. Do be aware that in an accident you will likely be blamed, and in that case the insurance will probably not cover you and you will be responsible for injuries to others involved as well as your own hospital bills!

Before you consider motorbike rental in Phuket, take a safe driving course in your country to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road. Stay safe!

* Be aware that although you might not have to show a driving licence to the people renting you the motorbike, you might have to show one if you are stopped by the police or in case of an accident. *

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