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Just because a lot of Thai girls won’t wear a two-piece bikini at the beach, doesn’t mean you can’t choose some sexy beach apparel in Phuket for your vacation! It’s true, most Thais are shy about wearing a bathing suit that shows their stomach and body in a tight-fitting outfit. Many wear t-shirts and pants into the beach instead!

You probably already know where you can find most of the beach clothes shops in Phuket – in Phuket Town at the malls, and along the 'soi' (small roads) of Patong Beach. Stores at Central World have the high-end fashion beach apparel, and small stores along the beaches will have the ridiculously cheap bargains. Make sure you don’t skimp on price too much – you want your ‘goods’ to stay covered and not have any accidents – right?

What you may not know is – what is in style this year? Flower patterns for girls and women are always in style, and this is probably what we see most of at the beaches of Phuket among locals and visitors alike.

Guys can be seen wearing any number of styles of beach apparel in Phuket, ranging from long knee-length board shorts to little skin-tight bikini briefs or bum-huggers. One of the most freeing aspects of living or vacationing in Thailand is that there are more styles of beach wear from all over the world, and nobody knows who is the genuine fashionista! What is in vogue in Spain is probably different from Australia, the UK or Canada, and they’re probably all different from what Thais consider fashionable this year. You know what you should do? Forget it all and just buy and wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Wear whatever beach apparel that makes you happy in Phuket, and take comfort in the fact that nobody is judging you for it!

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