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Eating at one of the restaurant-buffets in Phuket is a popular way to 'dine out', as a lot of foreigners can eat heaps of food in one meal and can get their money’s worth in one of those. There are a few restaurants which offer the buffet dining concept in Phuket; within these dining venues, the Korean BBQ buffets seem to be the most popular as well as highly rated, whenever you find the right place – clean and fresh food, wide selection, and good location.

Tori Japanese buffet in Phuket is one restaurant that is trying to capitalize on foreigners love for buffets. They offer a huge variety of dishes, including sushi, and they do quite a good business. On TripAdvisor.com they’re currently receiving a three out of five rating, which isn’t awesome but still quite good for people who like this sort of Japanese buffet style. Maybe othe problem is that reviewers from the west may be comparing Tori to a Kobe Japanese steakhouse in the USA. This restaurant buffet is not at all like that, thus the possibility to feel letdown if the expectation is to get a steak cooked at the table 'Kobe style'.

Cherngtalay Buffet Hot Pot is another buffet restaurant to try on the island. Currently the price is at 199 THB and that includes vegetables, meat, and some seafood like squid and small shrimp. Drinks and ice are extra. This is a local favorite, and is also in the style of a 'Korean BBQ' buffet.

Xana Beach Club is a high-end seafood barbecue buffet which is located directly on the beach in Cherngtalay. The Sunday brunch buffet goes from 12 to 3:30 pm., and with an extra fee includes beer, house wine, and some cocktails. The location is behind the Angsana Hotel. After you eat, you can enjoy the beach and swimming pool.

* As you can see we only have a few locations on this page at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that we will list more as soon as we have done our research on their availability and quality. *

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