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One of the coolest way to spend an evening eating dinner, either intimately with your love or with a whole group of friends, is at one of the numerous Korean BBQ Hotpot restaurants in Phuket. If you have already been to Phuket, or anywhere in Thailand, you probably know what a hotpot style restaurant is. If you don’t know, you’re going to love it!

First of all, the Korean BBQ restaurants are all-you-can-eat for one set price. Smorgasbord style. You get to choose what to eat from immense amounts of food. Some of the food is already cooked or created for you – somtam, pad Thai, and curry dishes are usually already done and waiting for you in big bowls. The restaurant owners hope you’ll fill up on them because they don’t cost much to make and are quite filling! I’m still not sure how they charge so little, but there are enough of these Korean BBQ Hotpot restaurants around Phuket that they must be doing well.

Staff will place a sloped circular metal plate on top of a burning fire in the center of your table. The pork fat at the top lubricates the metal surface and you can slide it up and down to cover it first. Broth fills the circular edge around the bottom of the plate and you soak your vegetables or whatever else you want to cook in the broth there. Meat, squid, shrimp, and chicken can go on the sloped surface above – and is cooked in five or ten minutes.

At almost every Korean BBQ Hotpot in Phuket you can find beef, pork, plain chicken, marinated chicken (delicious), big squid pieces, small tentacle squid, shrimp, tofu, mushrooms and heaps of different green vegetables such as morning glory, and cabbage. There are always many desserts – including ice-cream in some of the best restaurants. Even the ice-cream is all you can eat, but it can be a pain to scoop it out of the deep freeze refrigerators because it’s so hard! One curious fact - no matter what you’re drinking - the waitresses and waiters will make sure your ice-bucket and glass is always full!

Don’t wait! If you haven’t tasted a Korean BBQ or Hotpot in Phuket, go tonight!

* As you can see we have only one location on this page at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that we will list more as soon as we have done our research on availability and quality. *

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