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Some of the best food in the world is Indian food! When you think of Indian cuisine, don’t you think about Tandoori chicken? Chicken masala? Vegetable samosas? Papadum (papar) wafers? Is your mouth watering yet? You can find all of this delicious Indian food in Phuket at more than a dozen restaurants from Patong Beach to Phuket Town. There are almost ninety Indian restaurants in Phuket, so that means at least ten percent of them are excellent – right? A rough guess, but close?

What is the number one Indian restaurants in Phuket? Madras in Patong Beach gets great ratings; but of course it depends on what you’re ordering and whether the waiters and chefs are on the ball that day. All restaurants have bad days. If you choose one of the following restaurants you’re likely to have a better than average experience as they have high ratings on various review sites like Google and TripAdvisor.

Here are some of the top Phuket Indian restaurants by customer ratings: the Madras Café and the Soul Curry Restaurant in Patong; the Bollywood Phuket in Phuket Town; the Siam Mumbai in Bangtao; the Arabia Restaurant, the Shalimar Restaurant and the Curry King in Kathu; and the Little Prince in Thalang.

The Indian food restaurant experience – in the 'better' restaurants – is known for its dark lighting, impeccably clean dishes and silverware, its waiters in fine clothes and with exceptional manners. The food is richly spiced with curry, cumin, and other condiments. You can let your waiter know the level of 'spiciness' your mouth can handle as, if left to their own to decide, they may choose a spice level a little to hot for you to handle, and you might find yourself unable to finish your meal. Let us know what you think of the Indian restaurant(s) you visit in Phuket – we’d love to know!

* We mention a few places to get good Indian food in Phuket below and we’ll be reviewing more in the next few months. If you have more suggestions, do let us know!. *

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