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Just like the lack of clean and abundant toilets at beaches in Phuket, there is a serious lack of beach showers in Phuket.

Usually beach showers and toilet facilities are located in the same place, and it makes sense to build them that way. For whatever reason, there is a serious shortage of places for people to use the restroom and shower on nearly every beach in the country.

So, how can you and your family get to use a shower? There are many beach restaurants which will allow customers to use their restroom facilities, but really, you should be a genuine customer to do so – right? Inside some restaurant restrooms are Thai ‘showers’ which you might use to rinse off and change your clothes if you’re lucky enough to find a restroom like that. Some restrooms have a large tiled square area they fill up with water for showers – which are had by using a plastic scooper to throw water on you. Unfortunately, this is as good as it gets at many beaches.

Phuket is certainly not alone with this problem – a couple of provinces away, Krabi has one derelict shower and restroom facility for a Thai locals’ beach, and absolutely none for Ao Nang Beach! Another option, and this might be the best and most reliable one, is to bring your own fresh water in large jugs of water and shower from that on the beach or at your car before you get in. At least you can wash the salt off you that way, and then you can shower when you return to your hotel.

The lack of beach showers in Phuket is an ongoing problem that doesn’t seem to ever get addressed. With more than 25 million visitors per year to Thailand, it’s one concern that should be addressed!

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