Phuket, Thailand

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Massages in Phuket
It is common knowledge that Thailand is infamous for its many massage parlors and spas. Thai's even have their very own ancient form of the practice called Thai Massage. Indeed massage parlors can be found on almost every street corner. Of utmost importance is to know first what kind of massage you are getting, and that the giver has been trained in massages and relaxation techniques.
Different kind of massages in Phuket
As mentioned above, there are many different kinds of massages. It's therefore helpful to understand the benefits of each, to ensure you'll get one that addresses your problem areas.

  • Oil massages use techniques that rub the muscles in the areas that are sore or stiff. They often follow the lines of the muscles and push tension along those lines until it is gone.
  • Thai massage is the art of rocking the body while pushing and pulling on the muscles and gently coaxing the receiver into various yoga-like positions. Typically, the receiver is clothes while the giver never loses contact between themselves and the body.
  • Reflexology (foot massage) uses pressure points on the feet and ankles to relieve stress and tension in other parts of the body. The giver will use their fingers, thumbs, and hands to alleviate the pressure points.
Of course, there are many other types of massages offered at the parlors and spas. The ones listed above are usually the most common, with some variations such as aroma's, different body areas, and lengths. Due to the large number of massage parlors, you may be tempted to go to the closest or the cheapest. Be careful because, as mentioned earlier, you want to find a place with suitably trained and qualified staff, or you risk making your sore muscles worse.

* See below for more information on the location and types of massages available in Phuket.

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