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Phuket, Thailand

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Estate Agent in Phuket
As Phuket has matured and grown, it no longer resembles the tiny island holiday destination of the old days but has somewhat transformed into a growing metropolis full of potential for those looking to relocate. As such, the interest in purchasing or leasing properties has grown, leading the way for the Estate Agent industry expansion. With hundreds of local and international estate agents located on the island, finding your permanent piece of heaven has never been easier.

Most Estate Agent offers the same sort of services such as selling, renting, and managing properties. The agent will listen to your needs, then try to match your criteria with properties their agency is representing. It is especially helpful when the agency manages buildings or multiple houses, allowing them to either rent, sell, or buy.

Most Estate Agent offers luxurious tropical living, from luxurious villas or condos to the ideal land plot overlooking the ocean. The most popular agencies deal exclusively in land and property sales with a wide selection of modern and chic properties. However, there are still a few agencies that deal with long term rentals. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to try out the island's way of life first.

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