Layan in Phuket
At the very top of Bangtao Beach on the northwest coast of Phuket Island sits Layan Beach. The beach is not in reality separate from Bangtao Beach but is more of an independent area known as Layan. It's traditionally a Phuket local area, where you can find Thais as well as expats in the know. However, all are welcome to visit! You'll probably find it to be very low-key and quiet. The main reason why people go there instead of one of the other beaches in the area. There are also lovely tall coconut palm and soft-wood pine trees overhead, offering a respite from the strong sunshine.
The Beach
Layan Beach Phuket Layan Beach is typically flat or with light ripples. Therefore, it’s generally safe for swimming and playing in the Andaman Sea for children on calm days. Sudden wind blasts do come up quickly, so keep an eye on the wave situation, as always in Phuket. With the beach sheltered by Koh Kala, a small island located in its northern part, the sea is pretty calm.

If you walk up the beach towards Koh Kala island, you'll be able, at low-tide, to walk across, chase crabs around and spot birds. With a bit of luck, if the water is low enough, you'll be able to walk across to the Anantara Layan Phuket Resort beach. The resort boasts about six hundred meters of sandy beach! Nonetheless, there is good snorkeling in the rocks on the north side of the bay and the north side of Koh Kala! There are also sea kayaks available (for rent) from the restaurant on the beach in Layan. You'll see them in the sand!
At night, Layan gets going with one of the top-rated clubs in Phuket, the Dream Beach Club. They feature electronic music, cocktails, and good food. The club is right on the sandy beach and offers heaps of outdoor seating.
Some reviewers mentioned that there are too many kids running around, but the live outlook (action) kind of changes from 21:00 onward.
How to Reach Layan?
From Laguna Beach, take the beach road going north, and you will see Soi Layan 2. Once there, you can park anywhere and walk to the beach. You can also take Highway 4018 to Soi Layan 2, and then make a left to the beach.
Places to stay in Layan:
  • The Anantara Layan Phuket Resort is a world-class 5-star resort with breathtaking views right on the beach. The reason why most people have heard of the Layan area! The beach is virtually private, as it is inaccessible except for people staying at the resort, and those who sneak across the sand on low tide.
  • The Trisara is an upscale villa resort with private pools, just past the Anantara at the end of the rocky point. The perfect place if you want to stay at an exclusive resort that offers exceptional accommodation (both villas and rooms) and service.

  • * A vehicle is a must if you need to get into Phuket Town or Patong Beach. Or you can rely on the resort taxi service!