Sirey Island

Sirey Island, Phuket
Sirey Island (Koh Sirey - also spelled Koh Sire, Koh Siray) is a medium-size island off the southeast coast of Phuket, just south of Phuket Town. It connects to the main island by a short bridge on Srisuthat Road and is directly south of Coconut Island.

Sirey Island is of greater size than most islands surrounding Phuket, at 5.7 kilometers (3.5 miles) from top to bottom and 3.5 kilometers (2 miles) at its widest point.

Though mostly covered by trees and plantations, there are quite a few housing complexes, and it has a cozy neighborhood feel to it. There are some beaches, but they are not as picturesque as some of Phuket’s other amazing beaches. There are private resorts and villas on the east coast of Koh Sire, in the 3,000 Thai Baht range.

Once there, you might want to stop by Wat Koh Sirey, a Theravada Buddhist temple sitting on its south side.
Stay on the island?
If you need a place to stay on Sirey Island, you will probably enjoy the Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa Phuket on the isthmus at the end of the southernmost part of the island. A 5-star resort with 250+ reviews averaging 4.5 out of 5 on Google. That’s a very high rating for so many reviewers! The resort faces west and probably has the best sand and beach area of the island.

If you do stay at one of the resorts, you could stop at the Phuket Thai Cookery for some classes. They teach how to cook Thai food in authentic Thai style. They teach seven different courses, each one a different day. Cost is generally 2,900 Thai Baht. Many reviewers remarked that Chef James (Thai) was quite enjoyable as an instructor for the course.