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If you’re thinking about a tattoo and you need to find a good tattoo shop in Phuket, we have a few listed below you can check out – and here is some more information that will help you go about it.

Whether you like the idea of tattoos on your body or not, you must admit, Thailand has some cool Buddhist tattoos which you can get while you’re here. For some reasons, it’s in vogue, and many celebrities come to Thailand to get tattoos like this. A friend of ours has a stunning colorful Gautama Buddha tattoo on his forearm that is probably the nicest tattoo we have ever seen.

There are other tattoos based on sacred Sak Yant designs created by Buddhist monks hundreds of years ago for protection, good health, wealth, and luck. Though usually covered by clothes, these tattoos can sometimes be found on the back of the neck of Thai girls and guys in Phuket. Have you seen them? These are special tattoos which must be applied by Buddhist monks or others who have been approved to create the tattoos. The Sak Yant designs are infused with magic during the tattooing process, so it’s critical you don’t have it done by someone who isn’t qualified to do it!

Of course, there are plenty of other designs for tattoos you can get while in Phuket. Every tattoo artist has a book of tattoos he is well known for, and can do well. Or, you can always feel free to bring your own design to an artist in a tattoo shop and ask him to reproduce it for you. Thais are exceptionally good at reproducing art, and you’ll probably find someone that can do it perfectly for you.

The tattoo industry in Thailand is generally very safe as nobody uses the same needles between customers and everything is very well sterilized. We cannot recount any issues with this in the recent past. So, if you’re feeling the urge for a tattoo in Phuket this year, go for it!

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