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You are probably not still taking film photos in this day and age, because it doesn’t make sense. Finding film and processing is just too much of a hassle for most of us; and beside that there doesn’t seem to be any reason to use film cameras any more. Any of us can take a decent photo with an iPhone and blow it up to poster size and it will look great. So do we really need a photo shop in these days and age?

Yes you may still have a need for it! Want to guess why? Passport photos, of course! If you’re staying in Thailand for any length of time and you need to provide a picture of yourself to immigration, you can stop by any photo shop in Phuket, get it done in minutes and be out the door. Don’t worry, most photo shops have a dark suit jacket you can use to make you look presentable.

What would you find in a photo shop in Phuket? The Kodak and Fuji Film shops of yesteryear have transitioned well into digital photo printing, and some of them offer huge size photos you can blow up from an SD-card or you can even email the file to them at the shop where they’ll download it and print it for you. If you haven’t done this, it’s super convenient. Why not edit your photos first and choose only the best ten or twenty; then get small copies made of them to send by snail-mail to your relatives? Imagine their surprise when they see they have physical mail from you – with photos inside! That’s such a good idea, we might just to do that ourselves this week!

Most shops will also do photocopies, an essential for all government offices, students, teachers and even you as you do your visa run and need a copy of various passport pages.

* As you can see we have only one location on this page at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that we will list more as soon as we have done our research on availability and quality. *

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